Active Adult Communities in Mesa, AZ

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If you’re tired of the daily routine and looking another winter snow in the face that is just around the corner in most parts of the Northeast as well as places like the South and North Dakota, maybe it’s time for a change. We are thinking about Phoenix, Arizona, folks where life is mostly blue skies and green lights and meeting new friends is as easy as simply saying ‘hello.’ This article you are going to read will target one specific adult community.

But first, you should know a bit about where you are going and how these active 55 plus communities in Phoenix got started and who started the ball rolling. Delbert E. Webb was the catalyst that started the whole voyage. He was born in Fresno, CA. His parents were fruit farmers. Webb dropped out of school to become a carpenter apprentice since the family was short of money. Later he became a ship fitter, but later, at the age of 23, he contracted Typhoid Fever, and his parents moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he recovered. Then in 1948, with a new license he launched his new business and the birth of his Sun City became history and one of the main reasons why this state has over 55 Active Adult Communities in the metro Phoenix, area. Webb died at the age of 75, but prior to his death, he said: “If you build it, they will come” and they did.

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Active Communities in the Phoenix Area Today

One of the entrepreneurs who followed Del Webb’s heritage in the Phoenix area was Mobile Home Parks in Mesa Arizona. When this build is completed there will be almost 6,500 homes on the 2,300 acres. In case you were wondering if there is anybody living in mobile home parks, recent population numbers show nearly 6,000 with the median age of 65. Another fact worth mentioning is the median income for owners is pushing $80,000 and the average household net worth is tagged at almost $490,937. A re-sale home at Mesa is really affordable. These homes can also vary in size from 1,100 up to near 3,500 square feet. Also, most of the mobile home parks re-sales are single story with a few two-story homes tossed in. Homes are affordable and prices and can range from $170,000 up to and over $700,000, and they have choice options like three-car garages and bonus rooms.

Some individuals may wait to late in their lives to think about retirement. For whatever the reason, we need to put more time and energy into sitting down, and really thinking about our individual retirement plans.

Some questions that arise for some can be:

  • Will I have enough money for monthly bills?
  • are my kids going to take care of me?
  • where to buy a retirement home?
  • or what active adult living community will I live in?

In this blog we are strictly focused on 55 communities Phoenix and Mesa AZ have to offer. There are so many benefits to living in a retirement community, owning a home there, and even interacting in active adult living community. Everything one could need in their ripe old age is in theses communities especially when wanting to live a great purposeful good life.

Setting up a plan in order to buy a retirement home or settling down in an active adult living community should start with a visitation of the community preferred. Always research, visit, and then make a sound and just decision before embarking on such a critically choice regarding your golden years and where you are going to live. May communities will have exclusive information sessions along with new model homes for you to see and ask questions. Some important points to consider when buying a retirement home and that will also be beneficial for you is knowing the price range that you will be spending aka (knowing and sticking to a budget), the type of home and design, or if you want the community to be gated, the builders’ information, and rating of the community overall. Along with beginning with your own personal research it is highly recommended that you find a real estate agent that can assist and help you as the buyer in the specified community of choice.

Knowing when real estate construction began in your desired 55 and up community is very important, as it gives the buyer a sense of property values. If pre-owned homes are offered in the community you will have a better idea if any minor repairs needed to be done to the property. In many communities you will embark upon new construction, pre-owned homes, low-maintenance homes, single-family, and single-level homes. As this is going to be one of the biggest investments of your life you want to be sure that your money is going into a retirement home and retirement community that is constantly creating and keeping up with modern times. An active adult community offers something for everyone no matter your ethnicity, age, or personal interests.

So what are some of the major benefits of buying a retirement home or living in an active adult living community?

First, as we all age fitness and health seem to be the first major benefit that should be looked at as we continue so desperately to slow down the aging process. Let’s look at a retirement community called Palmgardens located in Mesa, AZ. This 55 and up community in Phoenix, Arizona offers a plethora of exciting amenities for its residents to enjoy and share with their family members. Let’s start with their amazing 47,000 square-foot eagle’s nest country club. This space is the main hub for all community events, social gatherings, fine dining and health fitness activities. You will never be bored as you have access to a library, woodworking classes, and even a 332-seat performing arts center.

To top it off there is another beautifully custom made country club called the Tuscany Country Club for the residents enjoyment. In this country club, you will find a state-of-the-art fitness center and an all-inclusive spa. This 55 and up community also has walking and biking trails for your enjoyment, and physical activities. There are miles and miles of scenic views and well-maintained landscaping throughout the entire neighborhood. Also if needed you have the Arizona medical Transportation Company.

Next, there is a treat for all the golfers both men and women with access to upscale golfing amenities. At Pebblecreek there is a 6,640-yard par-72 course that was strategically designed by Architect Dick Bailey. When you are thinking about buying a retirement home or living in an active adult living community owning property that is on or near a golf course is indeed a plus, and great home equity builder for your property.

Cooking can be a drag at times especially when you are old so having a community-style restaurant accessible is always going to be a great convenient amenity to have within reach. It is the ideal atmosphere for cocktails, and intimate dinners with families and friends year-round. Outdoor patios are all over most 55 and up communities in Phoenix, Arizona for your relaxation needs.

Buying a retirement home or living in an active adult living community that has both physically and socially engaging activities is guaranteed. Palmgardens is located outside of Mesa where scenic views and an open dessert vibe are what you will experience. Regarding transportation, and accessibility to major highways, such as I-10, and the 303 conveniently allows you to access many other attractions and amenities in the Phoenix area. Amenities are but are not limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, cultural attractions, museums, and sporting venues. So when you are choosing a 55 community Phoenix, AZ can offer some of the best choices. Hopefully by explaining a bit of what the Palmgardens community has to offer will definitely spark you to invest wisely.